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Polyomavirus Sequences

Naming Key A nickname was assigned to each polyomavirus species based on host animal of origin or an established abbreviation. This MS Excel table provides a naming key listing key genetic features and accession numbers.
Annotated Genomes Curated nucleotide maps for the complete genomes of representative polyomavirus species. Annotations are provided in GCG-RSF text format.
Genomes PyV genomes in FastA (nt) format (no annotations).
VP1 Polyomavirus VP1 protein sequences (FastP format).
VP2 Polyomavirus VP2 protein sequences. The names of VP3-less species are marked with asterisks.
Large T Polyomavirus Large T Antigen (LT) protein sequences.
ALTO Polyomavirus alternative Large T ORF (ALTO) protein sequences.
Tree A phylogenetic tree based on the complete genome sequences of known polyomavirus species. Color coding reflects host animal lineages thought to have shared a common ancestor within the past 35 million years.
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