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Basic Sciences

The LP conducts basic and applied research in the following program areas: genetic mechanisms of human tumor progression, gene regulation, molecular immunology, invasion and metastasis, and cellular interaction with the extracellular matrix. Discovery-oriented research in the LP has yielded the identification of 17 genes which can be mechanistically linked to cancer pathogenesis, and provide diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Pathology of Chronic Liver Disease; Renal Transplant Pathology - Postmortem Pathology
Biochemical Pathology - Biochemical Pathology Section
Cancer Cytogenetics - Clinical Cytogenetics Section
Cytopathology Section
Embryonic Development - Developmental Biology Unit
Molecular Histopathogenesis of EBV-associated Lymphoproliferative Disorders - In-Situ Hybridization Unit
Lymphomagenesis and Progression of Hematopoietic Neoplasms - Flow Cytometry Unit
Gene Regulation Section
Pathogenesis and Pathobiology of Malignant Lymphomas - Hematopathology Section
Lymphoid Signal Transduction Biology - Transcription Regulation Unit
Molecular Pathogenesis of Human Lymphomas - Hematopathology Section
PathoGenetics Unit
Prognostic Markers in Breast Cancer - Surgical Pathology Section
Summer Students
Systems Biology of Cellular Signaling
Tumor Invasion and Metastasis Section
Ultrastructural Pathology/Pediatric Tumor Biology Section

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