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Fire and Police Departments
(Fire, ambulance, police, chemical, biological, radiological, human threat, bomb threat, civil disturbance)

Medical "Code Blue" Team (Critical Medical Situation) 111
Engineering/Maintenance 108
STAT Overhead Page (Clinical Center only) 112
Telecommunications failure 214 from red phones

Note: Use the Emergency Red phone in 2B50 if there is a loss of telephone communication. Emergency phone numbers and instructions are attached to the red phone and listed in the front of the NIH phone book (page EL1-2). Dialing on the red phones does not work the same as our regular system.

Someone calling from the outside will just hear normal ringing when the Merlin phones are out of operation. Calls will not transfer to voice mail. If phone disruption cannot be addressed immediately, notify all customers to use emergency red phones for critical needs. If it is after regular business hours, call the Admissions desk at 496-3315.

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