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The responsibilities of the laboratory director (LP Chief), supervisors, clinical laboratory manager, and safety committee are outlined in Section I of this manual. The Environmental Safety Officer of the Clinical Center serves as the qualified chemical hygiene officer for LP and is available to work with the LP Safety Committee. Policies for all operations that involve hazardous chemicals and criteria for the use of personal protective equipment are found throughout the Safety Manual. Specific policies regarding hazardous chemicals are in each laboratory section where appropriate. Exposure monitoring and medical consultation is outlined in the Section titled "Roles, Responsibilities, and Requirements," located here. Each laboratory section has separate Chemical Inventory and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), which are accessible to all employees, either in printed or online version. Other references that list the details of hazards and the precautions for safe handling and storage are also accessible to employees in each section. The LP Chemical Hygiene Plan is reviewed annually and updated by the LP Quality Improvement Committee. The NIH Chemical Hygiene Plan is reviewed annually and updated as needed by the Division of Safety and the NIH Occupational Safety and Health Committee. Comments and suggestions on the improvement of the NIH plan should be directed to the Chief, OSHB at 496-2960.

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