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Overview: The Clinical Laboratory Manager coordinates in-services for Fire Safety Training conducted in coordination with the NIH fire marshal, and in accordance with the Clinical Center’s Safety Officer. Evacuation Training covers emergency procedures to be employed before, during, and following a fire incident. The Laboratory of Pathology is housed in building 10 (clinical center), which adheres to fire zone evacuations. In the event of an activated fire alarm, LP staff members are expected to meet in the central corridor between the N and B corridors (elevator bank) for roll call. Each corridor is considered a fire zone, and is protected by fire rated doors to prevent the spread of fire from one zone to another until the fire department can arrive on scene. The fire marshal will provide further instructions when onsite regarding the need to evacuate the building if necessary. The designated meeting place for all LP employees evacuating the building is the parking lot behind Building 1.

Fire drills are conducted at least annually with the guidance of the fire prevention inspector. The Safety Officer is responsible for notifying hearing impaired persons or alarm situations. Evacuation routes are posted in each section. During the annual drill, the audible / visual alarms are activated, and staff is expected to evacuate laboratories and offices and meet in the 2N/2A corridor intersection for roll call. The fire prevention inspector will complete an in-service on the proper use of the fire extinguisher and discuss evacuation plans.

Specific plans for any persons with disabilities are established in appropriate sections as needed. Fire Prevention Safety (FPS) monitors the effectiveness of the drill and the CC Safety Committee, which is a standing committee of the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) reviews the collective data. If an employee is unable to take part in a fire drill he/she must complete the make-up evaluation.

Audience, policy, and frequency: All clinical employees of LP must either attend one Fire Safety Training session or complete the make-up evaluation on an annual basis. The Safety Officer will insure annual compliance for his/her section. A copy of all fire drills’ attendance roster and make-up examinations are kept in the employee’s section folder, and a copy is also kept in the Clinical Laboratory Manager’s office.

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