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Overview: Effective in February 2006, the CC is no longer required to label specimens from patients who undergo diagnostic scan with an isotope. In extremely rare cases the Histology Staff, Autopsy Staff, and Pathologists may receive specimens contaminated with radiation from patients receiving radionucleotide therapy and must follow specific procedures related to these specimens (e.g., radioactive seeds or implants). These employees performing clinical services are required to attend a Radiation Safety Orientation conducted by ORS assigned Health Physicist.

The orientation is designed to train clinical employees how to receive, transport, or work with radioactive specimens. This training is targeted to those who have never worked with radioactive material or who have some concerns. The objectives of the training include: (1) working safely with samples with low-level radioactive contamination, (2) understanding the risks of exposure (3) following procedures for low-level radioactive samples, (4) knowing when to call Radiation Safety Branch for assistance. Basic safety and administrative actions include labeling of samples, monitoring for contamination after working with the sample, using universal precautions while handling the samples, and proper disposal packaging for collection by the Radiation Safety Branch/NIH Waste Contractor. A computer based training radiation orientation program is under development and may be taken in place of the live training session, as soon as it is available.

Audience and Frequency: Radiation Safety Orientation training must be completed when hired, by Histology Staff, Autopsy Staff, and Pathologists handling unfixed clinical tissue specimens, unless you have completed the regular Radiation Safety Training for Authorized Users, or if you are exempted by your Section Chief.

Policy:   Radiation Safety Orientation is now available as an online computer based training.

Before taking the training class, you will have to register for an RSB number. If you have already taken a radiation safety orientation class and do not know your number, please contact John Jacobus, and he will provide it to you. He may be reached via e-mail at or call him at 6-5774.

If you do not yet have an RSB#, you may register online or use the printable form. When completing the registration use your supervisor or designate as the authorized user, (check with your supervisor to determine the Auth User #), and mark your work description as "Patient Care" on the online form, or 03 under "Type of User" on the printable form, which does not have Patient Care specifically listed. If completing the online registration, do not select a class date, but just submit the registration.

Once you receive your RSB#, you can complete the online training

The Chair of the Safety Committee, will periodically receive and summary of the training documentation and track who has completed it.

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