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This site is intended to provide guidance to users of the LGCP Microscopy Core Facility.

The Laboratory of Genitourinary Cancer Pathogenesis Microscopy Core Facility provides state-of-the-art equipment, materials, and expertise to researchers in the LGCP.  The Core is open to all NCI intramural researchers, although LGCP scientists have priority use of the equipment in the facility. Researchers from other institutes are also welcome to use the facility. Facility staff provides individual training for all new users. Core personnel assist with experimental design, data acquisition, and analysis. Unless special arrangements are made, the equipment in the facility may be used Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Our policies for co-authorship follow basic guidelines:

- Acknowledgement of the Core Facility is requested if the scientist uses the equipment independently. A reasonable amount of assistance and/or training will be provided to all users of the facility.
-  Co-authorship is requested if the Core Facility Staff provide ideas for experiments, are involved in staining of specimens, acquire images or are involved in data analysis and manuscript preparation.


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