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Molecular Network Analysis and Phosphoproteomics

The goal of this initiative is to develop protein microarray technology for signal pathway profiling and phosphoproteomic analysis in clinical specimens. We have developed a new type of protein microarray, reverse phase arrays, which allow dozens to hundreds of phosphorylation endpoints to be analyzed simultaneously from as little as 10,000 cells.

For more information, you can download any of the attachments within the following three general areas:

  • Our current standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the entire method.
    • Protein Array SOP's
  • A sampling of some of our recent publications highlighting the use of this new tool.
  • Our most recent spreadsheet of all western blot validated antibodies that are commercially avaliable and can be used on the arrays. This validation is part of a collaborative effort between our program and the laboratory of Dr. Gordon Mills at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, acknowledging especially Yiling Lu and Doris Siwak.
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